McDonald Observatory ~ West Texas

Observing Support

2.7 m Telescope

Information for Mt. Locke observers and support staff: Instrument & equipment contacts, computing overview, online manuals, CCD & ICE information, cautions.

General Info & Manuals
Instrument & Equipment Contacts

Astronomer's Lodge

astronomer's lodge

Accommodations for astronomers, staff, special program participants, and group members on official business at the observatory.


Physical Plant

McDonald Observatory maintenance, utilities, mechanical, custodial, grounds, special projects.

Maintenance Requests

FNBVC Staff Site

Visitors Center Staff Site

Visitors Center Programs

HET Engineering

het primary mirror

Information for Mt. Fowlkes engineering staff: Operation & maintenance, reports, observing information, projects.

Daily Summary

het, otto struve and harlan j. smith domes

HET, Otto Struve and Harlan J. Smith Domes

Mt. Locke & Mt. Fowlkes Local Weather

Observers' News

Purchasing Database

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